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Are You a 90 Pound Weakling?


 Check the chart below to see if you meet the criteria for minimum acceptable strength levels. I'm not talking powerlifting strong; I'm just talking about basic functional strength so that you can handle basic physical activities throughout your day.**

Seriously, it's time to take a close look at how strong (or weak) you are, and to start planning to get stronger in 2011.

 No excuses.

Guys, it's ridiculous how easy it is for you to put on muscle if you eat clean, train hard, and recover properly.

Ladies, I don't want to see you using pink 3-pound dumbbells or hear any more whining about getting "bulky." Please.

*Free weights/good form/full ROM/ no aids
BW= body weight
In pounds, reps or time. You can figure it out.

Exercise                                 Men               Women

90 degree Squat                      315/                 95 or .75 BW
                                               1.5 BW

Bench Press                            225/                 65 or .50 BW
                                               1.25 BW

Dead lift                                   315/                 115 or BW
                                               1.5 BW

Standing Mil Press                  105                   45

Push-up                                  30                    5

Dips                                       20                    1

Pull-ups                                  10                    1

Ez Bar Curl                            80                     35

Elbow Plank                           1:30                 1:30

How'd you fare? Twitter me @ fitnessasylum1 if you met  all of the minimums. I'll enter you in a drawing for an asylum towel and a supplement t-shirt.

You want my numbers? Just let me know and I'll send them too you. ( Yes, I exceeded every minimum.)

Now that you know where you stand, get some professional help to design a program to get you to the minimums...and beyond.

** Source: T-Muscle.

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